The Multi-Dimensional Effect of COVID-19 Infection on Pregnancy Process and Mode of Delivery Investigation

COVID-19 and Pregnancy Process


  • Filiz Yıldırım Polatlı Duatepe Devlet Hastanesi
  • Ozgul Ozkan Celikel Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine, Lokman Hekim University, Ankara Education and Research Hospital
  • Sevgi Ayhan Clinic of Gynecologic Oncology, University of Health Sciences Türkiye, Ankara City Hospital



COVID-19, Obstetric, Neonatal, Pregnancy


Background: The aim of this study was to investigate the obstetric and neonatal outcomes of pregnant women with COVID-19 infection.

Material and Method: In this study, pregnant women with COVID-19 infection who applied to Lokman Hekim University Ankara Hospital between 01 July, 2021, and 31 December, 2021, in what week and how the pregnancy period ended, whether they received treatment for COVID-19 infection, which drugs they used, age, gravida, parity, hemogram, liver and kidney function tests, fasting blood sugar levels, vitamin D levels, thyroid function tests, Blood groups, intrauterine sex, abortion, premature birth, premature rupture of membranes, fetal weight, cesarean indications for those who had a cesarean section, and whether the babies stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit were examined.

Results: 82 pregnant patients with COVID-19 infection were included in the study. While the average age of the patients was 29.62±4.96 years, the gestational age at which they had COVID-19 was 21.41±9.54, HB 10.62±1.49, HCT 30.78±6.88, PLT 195.32±76.90, birth week 35±8.70 and birth weight 3295.70±517.41. While the gravida of 65.9% is in the 1-2 group, 34.1% is in the 3-5 group. 52.4% have parity. The parity average of those who have parity. It is 1.47±0.59. 23.2% had abortion. The average abortion rate for those who had an abortion was 1.26±0.56. All of them do not have intaruterinex. The delivery method for 32.9% is vaginal birth, while 31.7% is cesarean section. .72% do not have EMR.

Conclusion: In this study, there was no maternal death due to COVID-19 infection, but the need for neonatal intensive care was observed to increase. In conclusion; considering all the data we obtained from the study, we think that COVID-19 infection during pregnancy affects obstetric and neonatal outcomes.


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Yıldırım, F., Ozkan Celikel, O. ., & Ayhan, S. (2024). The Multi-Dimensional Effect of COVID-19 Infection on Pregnancy Process and Mode of Delivery Investigation: COVID-19 and Pregnancy Process. Chronicles of Precision Medical Researchers, 5(1), 46–52.